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The Middletown High School was designed to support 1400 students and represents the largest construction project in the history of the City of Middletown. The total project cost was just under $110 million dollars. The new 282,000 square feet building was constructed to be a “State of the Art” educational facility including a State Vocational Agriculture wing.
This project included other amenities including:
  • Gymnasium
  • Exercise gymnasium
  • Pool
  • Shop areas
  • Animal labs
  • Greenhouses
  • Exceptional center for the performing arts
One of the unique issues prior to the construction of this new high school was the public and media attention it gathered. Early on in the project’s development and town approval process, the City’s Mayor negotiated a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) which ensured that union workers will secure jobs in the construction of the project. This brought on intense public scrutiny on the cost of the construction and the limitation of a fair and competitive bid process. The project was originally bid with the PLA (project labor agreement) and came in more than $17 million over budget.
The Middletown High School project is ECI’s largest educational project to date. ECI’s construction contract for the project when completed exceeded $10,800,000.00 and over 77,000 man hours were expended on the project as well. The project was completed in June of 2009 on time and within budget.

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